Various mugs and gifts for various people.  

Family business, USA. 
mom: Alice Norris - Me, a graphic designer and abstract expressionist, pursuing the dreams of passive income and working from home.  

pop: Richard Norris - A graphic designer, who draws interesting tribalmech oddities. 

cat: Jon (Bapper Jon) Norris - paper shredder, support animal

We are artists who create art because we are driven to do so, and we become really happy when our art is in our hands as a usable item.  We have a cabinet full of luxurious art mugs!  (We have a preference for the 15oz size, so that may be all we offer in some cases.  I will create the 11oz versions if you ask me nicely).  

We are proud cat parents who also love doggos and basically all the animals.  

We work with production partners to ensure quality, variety, and fast shipping, because neither of us can be counted on to be responsible adults.